*The next round of this program be this spring. We will email you when registration opens!*

A health coaching program designed to shift your mindset and behaviors in the direction of lasting change. 

Get ready to activate your highest level of holistic health and step into your most purpose-filled life. 


This program includes:

*Access to my signature Arden Activate Modules (unlimited access while in the program)

*Arden Activate Workbook and Journal 

*Community Support Group 7 days a week 

*Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions & Recordings 


This program will last 10 Weeks.
We start January 8, 2024
It ends March 18, 2024

Last Coaching Call March 17
Last day to access group and recordings March 24

Registration opens December 20th

Program Outline:
Week 1 -Welcome Call 
Week 2 - Module 1- Diving into your wellness
Week 3- Module 2 - Areas of Focus 
Week 4 - Module 3 - The Vision 
Week 5 - Module 4 - Setting Goals 
Week 6- Module 4 -Follow up and refining 
Week 7 - Module 5 -Building Consistency 
Week 8- Module 6- How to maintain long-term successes 
Week 9- Support 
Week 10- Closing Call 

Who is Arden Activate for?


Arden Activate was created for the woman ready to:

▫️Discover your WHY

▫️Identify your personal strengths and values 

▫️Get aligned with what you truly want in your life and health 

▫️Have High -Level Support 

▫️Create a personal vision of health

▫️Develop habits to help you sustain healthy behaviors and live more freely in your wellness

▫️Learn to identify barriers that are keeping you from making lasting change

▫️To live in your wellness and become your best self


Does this feel aligned with what you have planned for yourself in 2024?

If so, click the link below to save your spot. 

And, please don't hesitate to email me with questions.