Kira started Arden Yoga & Wellness in the summer of 2012 with one intention: to create a space where people could learn to connect their minds and bodies on their mats. Since then she has owned and grown that space to extend outside of its home base in Middle Tennessee, working with clients all over the United States.

Kira’s genuine passion for people, movement and wellness is steeped into every aspect of her business. Kira’s goal is to educate and inspire clients on what it means to truly live out your wellness in every day life through the means of movement, mindset, and nourishment. She is so grateful to do what she loves every single day and connect with people in all stages of their journey.

Kira’s depth of knowledge and unique credentials (see below) allow her to deeply connect and customize her approach for both yoga and health coaching. This tailored approach makes clients quickly feel like family.



•Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
• Vanderbilt Medical University Certified Health & Wellness Coach
• International Association of Yoga Therapy Certified Yoga Therapist
• Certified Adult Mental Health First Aid
• Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification
• Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher



When Kira isn't teaching yoga you can find her wrangling chickens or riding horses on the Whitaker family farm in Tennessee where she lives with her husband, Boone and their two children, Ory and Willow.




Hey friend,
Figuring out what steps to take in your wellness journey can be challenging. But the Fact that you're looking into types of support is a big first step. I spent years trying to get "well". I kept trying to figure out a way to move my body that felt like it honored it and didn't just focus on the caloric burn. I spent those same years trying to have a healthy relationship with food and be "healthy." I spent a lifetime trying to figure out how to be my own champion and change my mindset. It's hard, but I've got your back, and I wholeheartedly believe you can become the best version of yourself. I know you can push yourself but still honor the journey and lessons that got you here.
Let's get well together,